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Summery of Services

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RGB Imagery: High resolution RGB cameras provide shape and definition to problem areas and complex work environments that would be difficult to define at ground level. 



InfraRed:  The IR light spectrum. Ranges somewhere between 700 – 1200 nm (nanometers), the IR sensor uses this short wavelength to illuminate an area of interest. Another aspect slightly above this spectrum range is associated with thermal imaging which use mid or long wavelengths IR energy to sense differences in heat. 



Leak Detection: Global Asset Solutions, utilizes multiple methodologies for leak detection. Which include aerial visual inspection, above ground hydrocarbon detection, below ground methane detection, and IR temperature changes. 



NDT Testing: We conduct ultrasonic NDT testing using our drones to provide an efficient, faster alternative to the costs and downtime associated with scaffolding and shutdowns. Our sensor can detect metal thickness of up to 10 inches. Along with aerial visual inspection, we can provide a corrosion analysis to determine critical infrastructure maintenance and repair. 



Aerial Inspection: Visual inspection of any asset that will reduce costs and mitigate safety  risks on virtually on every project. 



Mapping: Global Asset Solutions, is capable of mapping up to 500 acres of survey area complete with Photogrammetric Analysis with sign off from a PE. GAS can achieve 2cm of relative accuracy and in some cases can produce even better results. 



Time Lapse Imagery:  Stay on track and provide shareholder value with every project from start to finish. Keep you projects on schedule and under budget. Using time lapse imagery and aerial photos we can save your team time spotting mistakes early saving resources and capital. 



Surface Preparation: Global Asset Solutions is a distributor for the Corr-Ze product line that will remove soluble salts from steel and extend the surface preparation by hours and days, depending on the environment that Corr-Ze is being used in. 

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